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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

#WEPff winners for the August GARDENS challenge! Please pop in and say congratulations!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to all who participated during the 2016 August GARDENS WEP challenge. The entries were truly amazing and made reading a pure pleasure. What creativity on the theme. Obviously we love our gardens and see all sorts of possibilities for ideas within.  If you still haven't finished reading, please continue, using the DL links on the previous post.

And once again, we thank Olga Godim for her excellent badges which we've now used as the winners' badges!

We value each and every story submitted to WEP, but there is the excruciating choice of choosing just one winner amongst the many of winning quality. Yolanda and I agree that is the hardest part of this job. Here is a quick overview of the entries (in  no particular order): 

The entries that fired our imaginations and made the long list are:

Elephant's Child
Olga Godim
Pat Garcia
Kate McManus
Nilanjana Bose

So without further ado – The Winners!

Nilanjana Bose!
with her amazing poem. If you haven't read it already, pop by the link in Nila's name above.

As one commenter said, "'This is astounding poetry. Rich, rich imagery that sweeps the earth, past, present, and future. By the second stanza I'm enthralled ... "and thrown them like javelins straight and hard,
when the meek come to leash the elite;'" Ann Best.

Congratulations Nila!

Please accept the winner's badge and display on your blog with a link to your excellent story. 

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2016 WEP – August GARDENS
D.G. Hudson
with her short fantasy!

Congratulations D.G!

Please accept the Runner Up badge and display on your blog with a link to your excellent story. 

Pat Garcia!
with her tearjerker that enchanted us all.

Congratulations Pat!

Please accept the badge and display it on your blog with a link to your story!


Thanks everyone, for an exciting August!
You're all winners in our eyes!

Thank you for taking on the challenge and delighting us all with your creativity! 

Our next challenge - October -  where we're planning to offer two challenges -- Constellations or a Halloween post. If  you can somehow merge both, genius.
 Meanwhile, keep writing and taking those photographs!

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Frost on a branch, a single rose & shadows that haunt The winners enchanted! @DeniseCCovey & @YolandaRenee http://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2016/08/wepff-winners-for-august-gardens.html #WEPFF

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Monday, 1 August 2016


We're back! It's been a busy year for many of us, which is a good thing when you're a writer. The A to Z challenge, book tours, travel plans, and new projects has kept the WEP silent since February. We thank you for your patience, support, and especially for your continued enthusiasm!

The Gardens prompt is all about creativity. What picture comes to mind when you hear the word 'garden' - the spectacular beauty of carefully landscaped tiers – the fresh delights of a new snowfall on frozen branches – or the haunting beauty of shadows and wilted plants at dusk on a fall night. 

Please share your poetry, photography, artistry, or writing skills in a flash fiction piece inspired by a garden!

Your choice of medium, genre, word count (1000 maximum) and how the prompt inspires you!

Email Denise or Yolanda if you have more questions:
den.covey@gmail.com / yolandarenee@hotmail.com

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Does a garden inspire you? @DeniseCCovey & @YolandaRenee a flash fiction challenge http://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2016/08/wepff-wep-flash-fiction-gardens.html #WEPFF 

A Write...Edit...Publish Flash Fiction Challenge - the prompt is Gardens @DeniseCCovey & @YolandaRenee http://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2016/08/wepff-wep-flash-fiction-gardens.html #WEPFF 

Frost on a branch – a single rose – or shadows that haunt. Are you inspired? @DeniseCCovey & @YolandaRenee http://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2016/08/wepff-wep-flash-fiction-gardens.html #WEPFF

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

#WEPff #GuestPost--Arpan Ghosh--On Writing #FANTASY--#IWSG Anthology

Hello there!
On August 1, we roll out the Inlinkz form to sign up for the August WEP challenge, GARDENS. (Thank you again, Olga Godim, for the fantastic badges!)

Whoever wins a challenge is given the opportunity to write a guest post. Arpan Ghosh won the February Valentine's challenge with his paranormal story. You can read the story HERE at Arpan's blog, Tales of Unusual Strangeness.
Tales of Unusual Strangeness

Arpan was given free rein with his choice of topic, so when Arpan offered to write a post about FANTASY, we were excited, as the next Insecure Writers Support Group anthology will feature FANTASY. How cool is that! 
Many of us aren't FANTASY writers, yet most of us love to read it or extend our repertoire. If you're interested in submitting to this anthology, perhaps you will be inspired by Arpan's post and begin thinking of a story for publication in the anthology.
Take it away, Arpan...
Hi everyone!
I can't quite remember how I came across the WEP blog about a year ago, but I'm really glad I did! Yolanda and Denise have created such a perfect playground to flex one's writing muscles, and I've had a lot of fun with their prompts so far! For my guest post, I’d like to tell you how I got into writing.
It begins, appropriately enough, with a story.
Once upon a time, there was a boy. Or maybe it was a girl. A farmer, perhaps. Or it could have been a princess, a knight or a witch. They all lived in a realm on the other side of imagination. It was a land of endless adventure, where magic beans would sprout into towering stalks, wolves would hatch elaborate schemes of deception and even the simple act of biting into an apple was fraught with danger.
When I was growing up, fairy tales were as much a part of my diet as chicken nuggets and candy, and I devoured them with just as much relish. They transported me out of a mundane world that had too much homework and a sad lack of talking dragons, and through their own strange magic, transformed me from an ordinary boy into a voracious bookworm.
Bookstores and libraries were my preferred haunts in those days (they still are, actually). They were like train stations to faraway lands. I was always on the lookout for the next carriage to board. Fairy tales instilled in me a love for the fantastical that I never outgrew, and transitioning into fantasy and science fiction was a natural step. Tales of hobbits, robots, space explorers and superheroes shaped my childhood and teenage years, inspiring me to create worlds of my own.
Writing, for me, has meant many things over the years. When I was a boy, it was a way to breathe life into my imagination, putting strange worlds and unusual people down on paper for all to see. During my teenage years, I sought out maturity by trying to ground fantastic stories in reality, revealing wizards to be mere men with fancy technology. As I've grown older, however, I've rediscovered the magic and wonder of childhood and sought to re-capture it through stories.
Writing fantasy is the act of opening a door to another world and inviting people to step through, hoping that the journey will be so much more than just a trip to the next page. I write because I want people to feel the same thrill I felt as a child, to make people believe that castles can be built among the clouds and that perhaps, the quiet old man on the train is a time traveler reliving his younger years through wiser eyes.
Setting up a blog has been a great way for me to find an audience for my stories (small as it is), and to cross paths with like minded writers. And writing challenges like WEP provide an excellent opportunity to flex the writing muscles and, quite often, to test new genres or writing styles.
With that in mind, I'd love for everyone reading this to try their hand at a fantastical tale (that is, if that isn't your forte already). The Insecure Writers' Support Group (another great platform for writers that I've recently become aware of thanks to Denise!) will be accepting submissions for a fantasy anthology soon. More details will be rolling out in the coming weeks, but it's a fantastic opportunity to put your work before an even wider audience.
So fling open that door and usher people in to see the wonder that lies on the other side.
I'll definitely be first in line.
Thank you Arpan!
Please leave a comment for Arpan.
Are you considering submitting to the IWSG Anthology on FANTASY?
Are you a FANTASY writer? Do you have any advice for non-fantasy writers?
REMEMBER: The August sign up for GARDENS is August 1, less than a week away!
Watch this space!


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Arpan Ghosh tells us about his #fantasy #writingjourney. @DeniseCCovey & @YolandaRenee #wepff #amwriting http://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2016/07/wepff-guestpost-arpan-ghosh-on-writing.html


Monday, 30 May 2016

WEP June Challenge moved to August! Join us for the 'Gardens' challenge!

Hi WEP followers!

Yolanda and I have moved the June challenge of 'Gardens' to August, due to the 'burnt-out-ness' of those who participated in the A-Z and have not yet got their writing heads above water. That leaves us with the problem of what to do with the Constellations challenge, but I'm sure we'll work it out.

For now, Olga Godim, one of our regular WEP participants, has kindly made two badges--one pastel and one bright. You are welcome to choose one of these badges and post it in your sidebar.


Don't forget to spread the word to your writer friends that the next challenge for WEP is coming up!

Any questions/suggestions, email us.

Hoping you'll join us!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

WEP wrap up and WINNERS of the Valentine's Day challenge!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to all who participated during the 2016 Valentine's Day WEP challenge. It is amazing how different each entry was which made the reading delightful. Some had to think deeply before posting as they are not into VD at all, but they rose to the challenge with great aplomb. There was a good mix of fiction and non fiction. If you still haven't finished reading, please continue, using the links on the previous post.

We value each and every story submitted to WEP. Here is a quick overview of the entries (in  no particular order): (In the interest of time, I haven't linked them. The links are found in the previous post.)

LG KELTNER - Dani Dinklemeier's Valentine's Day Survival Guide. "Valentine's Day can be a tough time for those of us who don't fit into the typical order of things." 

PATRICK CONOLGAN - How you need to think Valentine's with Education - An intriguing and very different take on love and communication.

ROBYN CAMPBELL - A striking poem 'Love's Lost and Found Day'. In the preamble, Robyn said: "I wrote this to show how I felt when my husband fell off our roof a couple of years ago. The kids and I thought he was dead."
NILANJANA BOSE: Two poetic types for Valentine's - a sonnet and a ghazal. Both were amazingly written, poignant and moving with context provided to deepen the experience - minimalist, rhythmic and replete with imagery.
DEBORAH DRUCKER: Love in Autumn. Older women know who they are and that they have a depth of experience and life to share.
PAT GARCIA - STINE. A Valentine's story which could be seen as an abusive relationship just beginning. Or just a happy-go-lucky girl who doesn't mind a controlling guy...for now.
SAMANTHA: The Bridge Between Lost and Found. A unique entry which used the winners of Sam's commenting contest on her Lost and Found Blogfest entry, to people her playful story set in a sleepy little town nuzzled in the North Carolina mountains.
M PEPPER LANGLINAIS AT PEPPER WORDS: A Valentine's non-fiction entry about friends and Valentine's Day.
MADILYN QUINN: A blossoming love story between Judah and Tabitha set on campus. Very well-drawn characters.
ELEPHANT'S CHILD: Sue has given us a touching true story of the gift of an 'unromantic' husband.
NANCY WILLIAMS: The Annual Coloring of Flowers Day. A delightful story of the love between faeries, Wondrous and Raindrop.
kalpanaa: Valentines becomes Galantines. A great non-fiction take on Valentine's, where a group of girls choose to celebrate together in India.
LINDA KATMARIAN: A vampire story with a difference with mostly charming characters. We would all love to know a Rosa and we'd all like to see that healing quilt finished.
HANNAH BANANAFACE:  A heartbreaking story loosely based on real life drama yet filled with hope. A warning to stay away from cigarettes.
OLGA GODIM: Hannah's Rugelach was moving and so very beautiful. Full of hurt and hope. A Holocaust survivor story, yet much more.
RIVER: The Guilted Rose. The receiving of guilt roses/flowers is nothing new, but crafted into a clever non-fiction story by river.
C LEE MCKENZIE: A true story of Jolly, Lee's first dog who still has her heart.
ARPAN GHOSH: Forever. Another vampire story, but very subtly wrought. Some of the commenters weren't quite sure until the bite marks at the end. Very atmospheric.
KATE MCMANUS: The Lost Letter of Valentinus. I read this while waiting for a plane and found it riveting. Cleverly told through the voice of a sixteen-year old boy working on his Latin dissertation.
SALLY'S SCRIBBLES: The Generation GapA lovely reminder that generations do need to know about their families,They need to hear stories such as this. And what a beautiful illustration!
ROLAND YEOMANS: Love does not exist in a vacuum. There is no excuse for killing for killing's sake, especially of the innocent.
YOLANDA RENEE: Snow MoonHaunting, beautiful, heart-rending tale of lost love.
DENISE COVEY: To My Darling Valentine. An imaginary letter penned in the Simpson Desert of Australia lamenting lost love and the end of hope. 
The entries that made the long list are:

Arpan Ghosh
Linda Katmarian
Elephant's Child
Samantha Redstreake Geary
C Lee McKenzie
Olga Godim
Deborah Drucker

The entries that made the short list: 

Arpan Ghosh
Samantha Redstreake Geary
Olga Godim

Francine Howarth, our guest judge generously took the time to put the final 4 into the winning order.

Francine wrote, " Thanks again for asking me to judge and to write a guest post (which can be found HERE)."

So without further ado – The Winners!


Francine said, "'Forever' is a refreshing break from the standardised Valentine's Day tale of romance, and it duly crushed the inevitable happily ever after. Luckily, I am quite at home stepping into the dark side of romance."

Congratulations Arpan!

Please accept the winner's badge and display on your blog with a link to your excellent story. 

An Amazon Gift Card of $10 will be winging your way shortly.



Congratulations Olga on your touching Holocaust survivor story!

Please accept the Runner Up badge and display on your blog with a link to your excellent story. 



Congratulations Writerly Sam for your wonderful collation!

Please accept the badge and display it on your blog with a link to your story!


Thanks everyone, for an exciting February!
You're all winners in our eyes!

The goal is to take on a challenge, surprise not only your readers but also yourself, and turn that experiment into a true masterpiece.

We'll be back in June 2016 with a new challenge - Gardens! Meanwhile, write as much as you can!

Please click the social media buttons below to share this post! Yolanda has been compiling the pre-written tweets, but is unwell at the moment. Sorry. Must learn this skill! Get well, Yolanda!! 

Monday, 1 February 2016


Hello folks!

Welcome to the first WEP challenge for 2016 - we open the year in February and it's all about the Valentine.

Does it hold special meaning, or is it just another day? Do you have fond memories such as the angst of young love waiting for a Valentines card from a schoolyard crush or were you the one who missed out while all your friends got loads of cards?

Did you have a nasty boyfriend or girlfriend who texted on Valentine's Day to break up?

Alternatively, did you have a husband or wife, the romantic at heart, who surprised you with a secret Valentine's Day trip to the place of your dreams?

These are just a few examples.

Poetry – Valentine's Day is all about the poetry – I doubt our poets need any prompting here.

For a non-fiction piece or a tale of fiction, 1000 words or less, use the prompts above or a story special to you.

For a visual piece, do you have a Valentine's tale that goes along with a saved Valentine, or one you created on your own – share it and tell us the story behind it?

Alternatively, post a picture of love or something that signifies what the holiday means to you.

We also know there are anti-valentine folks out there, and that's fine too. Tell us why and how you celebrate love, without the need for a holiday.

Make this challenge yours – what does Valentine's Day mean to you?

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

#GuestPost, Francine Howarth, on writer collaboration in Anthologies

Hello friends!

Denise here.

Our Valentine's Day challenge is to be judged by Francine Howarth, UK prolific author of Regency Romance. Francine was my original partner in RomanticFridayWriters, which morphed into Write...Edit...Publish so as not to bamboozle those who didn't think 'romance' was their thing. But really, when we think of the stories we love, most have some romantic element, (see my blog post on Romance V Romantic Writing here) and that was what RFW was all about...edgy flash fiction with a romantic element within.

Francine Howarth
Francine Howarth
Francine has moved on to a very successful career. Last time I checked her Amazon Author Page, she had 21 books listed! She has tapped into the pulse of what makes a successful romance author. But today she has chosen not to talk about her writing career...rather she chose to talk about one form of collaboration which has always intrigued me, and I hope, you too...well, let's hear it from Francine...

Hi, I’m Francine, and first let me say how honoured I felt when asked to do a guest post for Write, Edit, Publish, so thank you Denise and Yolanda.

It’s all very well saying, yes, I’ll do a piece for magazine, blog, whatever, until the mind goes blank. Yikes, and did my mind go into dead zone, until inspiration hit. So here I am, and rather than promote myself and my own books per se, I’m writing about the daunting task of compiling works by many authors for what became a charity anthology set within the Georgian & Regency eras.

As one would expect, the process of getting together for a collaborative working relationship is just the first stage in finding like-minded people. Our ideal became a themed anthology comprising of its own history base The Chocolate House which required a little forethought, more especially when the participants were from all around the globe and not one member of the group had met the other in person. Trust was therefore a major factor until the group slowly began bonding as a whole, thence mutual support from within built with every aspect of the process, and became enjoyable as the project proceeded.

In the early stages of our anthology characters came to light and names were cross-referenced, and thereby namesakes cropping up in different storylines saved the anthology from falling foul to the unmentionable of a Lady Jane Marchment in one story, and a Miss Jane Whitcombe stepping out in another story. Admittedly Jane is a common enough name for the eras depicted, but two Janes in the same anthology . . . Well, simply put; we were not at home to Mr Cockup.   

As always in writing stories, blood was sweated, tears were almost shed, laughter arose from amusing quips, and we came through with a sensual blend of Chocolate, Romance, Murder and Mystery at "Masqueraders". Each novella is a complete story, though one or two may now, or did when first written, link to other novels by individual authors.

The overall background setting is the beautiful City of Bath, famous for its Roman Spa, its Abbey, its Pump Room; Assembly Rooms, and Sally Lunn’s bun shop. The city itself has been made famous within the literary world by the likes of Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and other authors of Georgian and Regency historical novels. Thus Bath is renowned as a place for intrigue and romance, but few readers will have stepped across the threshold of Masqueraders’, a notorious and fashionable Chocolate House, that existed within the city from 1700 to the latter part of the reign of William IV. What happened to it thereafter no one knows, for sure. Nor does anyone know why Sally Lunn’s bun shop disappeared in the mid 1700s, and remained undiscovered for decades until renovation work and the old ovens were rediscovered behind panelling in the 20th century.

So it could be said, essence of chocolate drifting on the ether denotes where the seemingly mystical Masqueraders’ once existed. All stories are in some way linked to The Chocolate House, and each author is represented with a brief biography and links to appropriate web pages. We’d love it if you would visit us and like our FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/thechocolatehouse/

If you would like to go one step further, you might like to purchase a copy of “The Chocolate House”:  Amazon UK -  AmazonUS

All  royalties earned will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London. 

And thank you for reading.

Thank you Francine for visiting us and sharing the story of a successful collaboration. 

Maybe there is a writer you've thought you'd like to collaborate with in the future. Maybe Francine's post was just what you needed to encourage you. It can be done. Like to read more? L.G. Keltner, who has written for WEP, won the IWSG Anthology competition has posted on the IWSG website on submitting to anthologies.

And a huge shout out for Yolanda who made the cut into the anthology. Congratulations Yolanda!

Now this post is to whet your appetite for the first WEP challenge of the year! The Valentine's Day linky will open on February 1. Please join us!

Francine Howarth talks collaboration!
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